I will be working on improving the English version of the article about the Teatro de Arena. Currently, the English version is only three sentences long. Clearly, it has a huge content gap. The three sentences only mention where the theater is, when it was established, famous people that have gone through it, and when it closed down. I will be working with the Portuguese article and trying to translate it to get most of the similar information so there can be consistency. Within the Portuguese version, there are some content gaps of more people involved than just the playwrights and directors.

The articles on topics that are from white countries have absolutely more coverage than those from non-white countries. If we are lucky, we get a decent article on an extremely famous person, place, or event. This article is important to the coverage of Brazilian history and culture because this theater has such amazing history. There were many people that have impacted the artistic culture of Brazil through this theater. It is also important for how it was shut down.

I will be using a lot of primary sources from the people that were a part of the productions that went on in the theater. I will also use secondary sources that will describe the historical importance of it as well.