Wikipedia Project: Politics and Sports

Politics and Sports provides a great overview of how politics can interact with sports. It talks about how politics influecne soccer and visa versa. However, it does not contain any information on how Brazilian government interacted with sports. Their most famous sport, which is soccer, had been used as a mean of politics in Brazil. I (Phong20) am planning to expand the article by adding a new section on Country.

As mentioned above, I (Phong20) am planning to improve this article by adding a new section on Country. It will include section on Brazil. Brazil had political involvement in soccer and the article does not mention about that. For example, 1970 World Cup, Brazilian government used the team’s success to promote their propaganda. Adding a section will result adding some external sources and primary sources.

4 thoughts on “Wikipedia Project: Politics and Sports

  1. Danica Genners

    I think that this addition will be really useful because sport sin Brazil are a huge deal both culturally and politically! I would make sure to really focus on how soccer plays a large role within the country.

  2. Kennedey Bell

    I think focusing on soccer is a great idea because of its prevalence around the world. I think it will be important to focus on how the elite, athletes, and middle/lower-class citizens viewed this propaganda.

  3. William Barnett

    I would recommend discussion specifically what political issues are addressed through sports in Brazil. Do sports have protests and demonstrations the way they do here, for example? What are the demographics of sports teams? Just a couple ideas of questions.

  4. caty

    I think this is a really good idea! It would be a good idea to include specific protest that happened at sporting events. I think what would also be to good look at is how people from lower socio-economic backgrounds use and view sports.

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