Brazilian History & Culture Blog Post

You are responsible for writing at least one thoughtful blog post analyzing a recent (past six months) article covering Brazilian history or culture, and placing the topic in historical perspective.  Sign up for your date here.

English-language sources for Latin American cultural news include Smithsonian, the BBC,, the New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, The Afro-Latin@ Project

For your “Brazilian History & Culture”  post, compose a thoughtful entry which summarizes the news story (2-3 paragraphs), considers how Brazil and Brazilians are portrayed in the media coverage (1 paragraph), and analyzes the event in the context of our class themes and a scholarly reading (another 1-2 paragraphs). The style of these blog posts may be less formal than the style you would use in an academic paper, but you must keep your remarks focused and persuasive.  This means quoting or paraphrasing the text (no long quotes) and citing your source using in-text annotation.   You must take advantage of the digital format by incorporating outside images, links, or video clips that relate to your argument.  Link to the article or video clip you’re discussing.

You must post your complete entry by 5pm the day before your chosen due date (these dates are all the day BEFORE seminar meets to give seminar members time to read your post before class).  Do not repeat a story someone else has already analyzed.

List of due dates and student responsible for the blog post:

  • Thursday, 1/18: Jack Healy
  • Tuesday, 1/23:
  • Thursday 1/25: Maria
  • Tuesday 1/30: Alberto
  • Thursday 2/1: Jordan
  • Tuesday 2/6: David
  • Thursday 2/8: Woo
  • Tuesday 2/13: Tommy
  • Thursday 2/15: Catalina
  • Tuesday 2/20: William
  • Thursday 2/22: Kennedy
  • Tuesday 2/27:
  • Thursday 3/1: Tongtong
  • Tuesday 3/6: Andrew
  • Thursday 3/8: Nasua

Spring Break

  • Tuesday 3/27: Natalie
  • Thursday 3/29: Abby
  • Tuesday 4/3: Danny
  • Thursday 4/5: Tyler
  • Tuesday 4/10: Ryan
  • Thursday 4/12: Jack Hyman
  • Tuesday 4/17: Jonathan
  • Thursday 4/19: Danica
  • Tuesday 4/24: Marcel
  • Thursday 4/26: Mia
  • Tuesday 5/1: Jackson