The Cirandiru Massacre

For my research project, I will be expanding on the Wikipedia article on the Carandiru Massacre of 1992. The issue I see with this article is that while it does give all the facts, the cause, the aftermath and the court case, it does not give a full picture. I want to know exactly why the massacre happened, what events or tensions may have led to it, what people’s reactions to it were, and its impact. Is it taught in schools? Is it covered up? Do prejudice people try to justify it? Was it the first of a kind? What influence and impact did it have? Did anything change after it, for better or for worse?

The article also gives a bullet point list of pop culture documentations of the massacre. However, it gives no detail into how pop culture portrays the massacre? Has it become a trend? Does pop culture take creative license? Is it biased or inaccurate in any way?

The article particularly needs more details of the trail. It gives the fact, but barely touches on the fact that these trials continue today. What implications does this have? From it, I would like to get at least some insight into how Brazil’s justice system operates.

This article gives a good summary of the massacre and, to some degree, lives up to Wikipedia’s title of being a reference source. However, this article could be a much more invaluable resource with more elaboration, research, insight and documentation of the massacre. I hope to research and answer every question I have asked in this post. My goal is to make this article the invaluable resource of a tragic and historically important event that is crucially needs to be.