Wikipedia Project Update: Balaiada Revolt Changing

For my project, it seems I have a little bit of trouble finding adequate English sources for the Balaiada Revolt. So I’m going to be changing to something around the Vargas Era and discussing with Professor Holt about what exactly that will entail. The Vargas Era is quite interesting and I am certain that there will be plenty of more sources than the previous project idea. There is plenty of interesting events that had occurred in the Vargas era that deserve their own articles. An example of that would possibly the period of friendship between the Integralists and the Communist parties. But overall, I’m still trying to formulate an idea of what I will be doing.

Sorry for posting late, I’m a little bit sick.

One thought on “Wikipedia Project Update: Balaiada Revolt Changing

  1. Pyeongan Hong

    Very interesting topic. Crucial event on economy of Brazil. It is shown that you are still trying to find what to work on but since the article barely contains any information the revolt. It will be easier for you to find what to work on because the range of possible edit is so broad. It will be challenging to find sources but as long as you work with the professor, I think it is doable.

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