Wiki article idea: Juscelino Kubitschek

Juscelino was the 22nd President of Brazil who’s term was from 1956 to 1961 and made a massive impact on Brazil’s economy, and moved the capital to Rio de Janeiro to the newly constructed Brasilia. The current article is rather short, and lacking detail for a supposedly controversial and impactful figure in Brazilian history, and politics.

While it is certainly difficult to remain unbiased when it comes to political leaders, especially elected ones, remaining as unbiased as possible will require examining multiple sources, from multiple points of view and going from there. Examining Brazil’s political system, and looking more into a famous and impactful leader is important to understand the past and understand his legacy. Understanding his legacy is important for understanding the present political climate and his contributions to it. I will attempt to examine his policies, controversies, and his career before becoming President as well as after.

2 thoughts on “Wiki article idea: Juscelino Kubitschek

  1. Pyeongan Hong

    It will be a hard work to find reliable sources without bias on Juscelino. However, since the article is short, it will be easier for you to edit.The challenge is to select reliable source and stay unbiased. It is easier to find some article that may seem like saying the truth but instead it is full of bias and perspectives. It is ok to include those but always be balanced.

  2. Kennedey Bell

    With political leaders, it is difficult to stay unbiased. I would recommend starting with the President’s actions, then add a section detailing both positive and negative views of his leadership; both are biased but shows an accurate view of his presidency.

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