The 3 Most important Things I learned in modern Brazil

Throughout this class, Modern Brazil, I learned many interesting things about the country of Brazil, though to me, three stand out from the rest.  One important aspect of Brazil that I learned was how, similarly to America, Brazil is tremendously diverse in its people and cultures. In Brazil, you see people of all skins colors, as well as people with a wide range of cultures.  Additionally, I also think the skin color and the racial ties behind it hard important in Brazil.  In America, people tend to be labeled as black or white.  However, it is really interesting the people of Brazil are labeled as many different tones of skin color, with black and white only existing at the far ends of the spectrum.  Lastly, I was surprised at how important Fútol was to the people of Brazil, as it was continuously brought up in class.  Some Americans may be so obsessed with their favorite sports teams that they claim it is almost like a religion to them.  In Brazil, Fúbol truly is like a religion as it is largely the only significant sport practiced in the country.  A serious issue in Brazil, are the gangs formed by hardcore fans of Fúbol teams, who are often the cause of large amounts of violence. Additionally, the people of Brazil have found a source of national pride in Fúbol, because even though it is played all over the world, Brazilians are known to have formed their own, more skill-oriented style of play.