Take aways from the class

The first takeaway is that I learned various methods of historical thinking. Relating historical event to current events, I was able to analyze how the root of a current event can trace back to complex historical events. Using method of analyzing current news and relating back to our class materials helped me think through the materials once more. Also, research project helped me think on a historical question that relates to the current issue, allowing me to read numerous primary sources. I think I learned a little more to think as a historian.

The second takeaway is that I learned how to use Wikipedia. Before the class, all I knew about Wikipedia is it is easy to access general information on a subject. I doubted that the information present on Wikipedia might be wrong. Learning about Wikipedia and actually writing as a Wikipedian was a new experience for me. This class allowed me to learn that creating a page in Wikipedia takes a lot of work. Although Wikipedia cannot be used as a scholarly work, it is great to learn a neutral point of view of a subject. It’s a great takeaway.

The last takeaway is that I was able to do presentations more comfortably. Previously, presentations were one of the things I hated the most. However, throughout the presentations in this class, I figured that presentations are not as difficult as it sounds. The class helped me to stay comfortable which encouraged me. Presentations became easier than before. Three components that I mentioned earlier are my major takeaway.