Class Notes 4/17

Todays class was started by two book presentations. The first of which was by Danny which discussed the impact of the Olympics and what the damage of having all the abandoned stadiums. The impact and money spent on the olympics and the stadiums was massive and now these stadiums are not being used. This causes a lot of issues in Brazil. The second book presentation was Woo. This went more into the football aspect of the sport. Talking about the issues of race in football as well as what makes Brazilian football so special. The style of play is unique to brazil as well as having an international impact as many Brazilian players don’t actually play in the Brazilian League. Both of these presentations went well with both of the readings. Going into depth about the slums of Brazil and the idea of sandlot football where you see poor Brazilians play football. This is where the style of Brazilian football comes into play. Because of their playing conditions you see this flashy play as they literally grew up playing on the streets of Brazil. The game continues to be this way as all Brazilian talent goes and plays overseas. This has been an issue for Brazil but as long as the pay does not change in the Brazilian league you will continue to see this.

Key Terms

Mestizo- Term for Brazilians with African American Heritage. This was prevalent today as this was a common term used in the reading as well as in our discussion.

Neymar- Most famous Brazilian Footballer who plays abroad at PSG


Explaining where Brazilian soccer will go from this point on.

Goes into Brazils past and shows the beginning of football.

Shows the issues with hosting the Olympics and what Brazil is doing now to solve the problem.