Wikipedia Article Rewrite: Education in Brazil

For my Wikipedia article, I want to improve on the Education in Brazil article. Currently, the article covers the basic information: a brief history, current school structure, and a few sentences on international education. For such a broad topic, there should be much more information on the article. Education is a very important concept for understanding a nation’s culture. By understanding education, one can understand class and citizenship differences. Education is also important to LGBTQ and women’s issues.

Specifically, I want to expand the history section and add a section discussing prevalent issues in Brazilian education. In the U.S., full citizenship was only given to those who were educated. Adding the history of education will also highlight the history of citizenship. Also, as we discussed in class, Jesuits often used education to covert indigenous peoples to Catholicism. Adding this will highlight corruption in education. It is also important to add issues with education because of what issues in education often highlights: inequality and corruption in government. It also shows what common problems are occurring in greater society today. In the talk page, someone posted a few years ago that Brazil was a “sh*thole country” who had many problems with their “‘public education system’”. It is very important to remove what they said from readers’ minds and input correct information.

I can use the seven constitutions of Brazil to learn a history of voting rights, with emphasis on the latest—1988. I will also use information that we have learned in class to find basic information and find further readings, especially with the Jesuit schools information. The article itself has many references which I can draw more information from, and from the resources that I have obtained from my research project on education, I can learn more about Brazilian educational issues and how leaders have attempted to acknowledge or repair them.

5 thoughts on “Wikipedia Article Rewrite: Education in Brazil

  1. Tongtong Wu

    This will be a good article to edit because the more the information, the better the understanding of readers. It would be amazing if you have educational issues overlap with other social aspects like race and politics. Education is affected by multiple social factors. Looking forward to your new edition.

  2. Abby Blinka

    Education is such an interesting topic, so it will be exciting to see what you add. It looks like the current page has information on the Jesuits’ missions in the history section. What exactly are you adding to the history section? Is there a specific gap in the information already in the article? Have you found secondary sources on inequality or corruption in education? I think your project idea is off to a good start, keep looking for secondary sources. Good luck!

  3. Jackson

    It would be interesting to see how the education system in Brazil has been shifted by LGBTQ and anti-racist movements and legislation. These are very important issues in regards to cultural interaction and groups within Brazil and the historical context is important to understand the present situation regarding minority groups and education. It sounds like a great idea, be sure to make connections between the Constitution, minority groups and Jesuit schools clear in your revisions.

  4. Wooseong

    Hello, this project looks awesome! I looked into similar sources while I was doing my research on Capoeira. I believe that you could look into cultural centers (art, capoeira, football academy) to see how educational closely ties with politics, corruption, and inequality. Looking forward to seeing your project in the future.

  5. Jordan Griffith

    While this is a broad topic, I think a little bit of work can make a big difference. I think looking at the different constitutions is a really cool idea to trace change.

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