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For my potential article for the Wikipedia Article assignment I am interested in tackling the Japanese cuisine in São Paulo. There are a few content gaps that I saw in the article. First, the formatting of the page is messy- thus making it more difficult to navigate the page and its information. Secondly, the page does not go into Japanese-Brazilian food, specifically sushi, in other countries. For example, in most of Europe there are many Japanese-Brazilian sushi places in Italy that are certified as such. This article is important for improving the coverage of Brazilian history and culture because this is a relatively new culture in Brazil (Japanese arrived in São Paulo in 1530 but the Brazilian government officially signed a Emigration contract for the coffee labor field in 1907).

The sources available are primarily scholarly secondary sources concerning Japanese culture in Brazil from 1908-1940 as well as 1908-1988. I will also be using Japanese-Brazilian cuisine in other countries as a source from the restaurants/food guidelines and standards as a source. On this Wiki page, there was only one comment on the talk page. This comment was regarding mistranslating of one of the sources used. I think this is an important Wiki page to improve and one that could use my help.


6 thoughts on “Wikipedia Article: Japanese cuisine in São Paulo

  1. Mia Stevens

    This is a fascinating project topic. I’m curious if there has been any fusion of the two cuisine types. If there are any elements of Brazilian cuisine that have been added to the typical Japanese cuisine in these restaurants.

  2. Jackson

    It sounds like this is a great article that could help us better understand cultural interactions in Brazil, also tasty recipe ideas. Going into the origins of the food, and offering more detail as to the Japanese and Brazilian influences of popular dishes and their spread to other parts of the world is very fascinating.

  3. Pyeongan Hong

    Interesting topic, especially remembering what we talked during class. Japan and Brazil is interacting deeply in culture. Japanese-Brazil cuisine which might sound odd to some people, both having sea around allows similiarity in cuisines. It will be quite interesting in drawing similarities and differences.

  4. Wooseong

    Hello, this project seems very interesting. I am working on cultural identity in Brazilian football and have looked into transculturation, a phenamenon of merging and converging cultures, in Brazil. I believe this could be considered as one of your secondary sources. Looking forward to seeing your project in the future.

  5. Marcel Elkouri

    A trend I’ve noticed in a lot of these posts is that articles on Brazil are really messy and disorganized. I agree that using other articles that cover similar topics can help you build a framework of how to fix this page. I hope that beyond restructuring, you’re able to add in more information about how popular this cuisine is in Brazil, both economically and socially.

    And please be sure to fix that “Trivia” section because whoever made it wouldn’t know what a citation was if it hit them on the head.

  6. Andrew Aldridge

    This topic sounds very interesting, I got the chance to study Japanese culture for a bit in high school, but I haven’t had the chance to take a history class on it in college, I think that showing the intersections between the two cultures will not only be personally fulling for me but in a broader sense for the class due to David’s presentation, which the class found interesting. Good luck with your research!

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