IS Symposium

For Symposium I went to two very cohesive presentations.

Danica Genners:  Danica’s project examined how attitudes have shifted towards those in the  LGBTQ+  in Latin America have shifted after the election of LGBTQ+ politicians. Her poster was very clear to follow, using a good mix of statistical figures and words. Given the information one would need for the project, I think it was a good choice to show lean towards more statistics rather than pictures for the poster. I think Danica portrayed Latin America fairly, and I really enjoyed being able to listen to what she had to say on the subject

Sarah Vonck:

Sarah’s project explored how the government’s lack of implementing an environmental policy has negatively affected the indigenous community in Ecuador. Her poster was well balanced, showing an equal amount of text, figures, and pictures that were well distributed throughout the poster. The scope of her project seemed pretty big when she first started explaining it but was very thorough and concise. I didn’t have a lot of time to ask her questions at the end, but as she was leading me through her project her tone remained pretty neutral about her findings.