IS Symposium

Today during IS Symposium I enjoyed presentations from Diana Bickmore and Nancy Grazon on their IS Posters, which were both terrific!  It was clear that both of them were passionate about their topics and had put much work into their IS’s.

Diana’s IS, titled “More Coffee Please?: The Present and Future of the Coffee Industry in Columbia and Honduras in Light of Oppressive Climate Change”, emphasized the issue of the struggling coffee industry in Columbia and Honduras due to Climate change.  She talked about how because coffee beans are such a large part of Columbia’s economy that it is a very serious issue for the country.

Nancy’s IS was titled “The Opportunity to Succeed: An Analysis of First-Generation, Latin College Students Aspirations, Family Expectations, and definitions of Success”.  Though her topic didn’t involve people currently living in Latin America, it did include immigrants from Latin America and their cultural struggles in America.  It mainly focused on the benefits and struggles of first-generation Latin America college student due to pressure applied by themselves and their families.