the hour of the star question

In the hour of the star why is it that Clarice Lispector writes the main character as a trapped young girl in a life that seems to have already been written out for her?
That she was living in the slums of the big city, that she was written down to be a women who was thought of as nothing. “When I see my horse free and running through the field- I feel like leaning my face against his vigorous and velvety neck and telling him the story of my life.” Also how her and her aunt moved to the city even though we do not know if she was made to move there with her aunt or chose to. But still she and her aunt went to Rio to get a better life and her aunt died and left her to fend for herself, which was not going to give her the best chances for a better life. All that did was keep her down in the lower class, keeping her trapped in this “Pre-written” life of hers.