Research Project

My research project topic will be the history of politics in Brazil and how they have effected the lives of ordinary Brazilians. I think this is an important issue in light of the recent political turmoil in the Brazilian political system and popular outrage at the corruption of the government. This issue is also important because there are a wide range of issues facing Brazil that must be addressed through the political system such as deforestation in the Amazon, corruption, and the economy. Understanding the history of Brazilian politics can give valuable insight into these contemporary issues and the development of the country throughout its history.

Understanding politics in Brazil is important to understanding the history of the country as well. Because there have been so many different political systems in the country, ranging from an empire to a modern democratic government, politics have had an unusually large impact on the development of Brazil. Also, the history of Brazilian government and political institutions can help us gain an understanding of social issues in the country. For instance, it would be impossible to understand a problem such as racism without knowledge of the political structure under which it developed and was justified.

To learn about this topic, I will first research the history of Brazilian politics, starting with Brazilian independence from Portugal and working forward to the present day. This approach will allow me to understand the context of the current political situation in Brazil and have a deeper understanding of contemporary issues. It will also allow me to see how the Brazilian government has changed over time and how these changes effected the lives of Brazilians and the  development of the country as a whole. I will also focus on the contemporary state of Brazilian politics, such as the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff and the corruption charges against Michel Temer.



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