Class Notes (01/25/18)

Our main activity for today’s class was to work in small groups for the Wikipedia Article assignment. Each group was assigned with a primary source that relates to the history of indigenous people in Brazil. We started off with two presentations organized by our classmates, continued to discuss about technology instructions on Wikipedia, defined credible sources for Wikipedia, and worked with small groups. The class readings were to prepare for the upcoming Wikipedia assignment in groups. Professor Holt assigned several other readings to think about how our Wikipedia pages should be organized. Overall, today’s class focused on learning cultural aspects of Brazil, picking up Wikipedia instructions, working in groups, and planning our Wikipedia page.

Jack’s Presentation: Culture Post
Jack’s presentation discussed the fake news and issues accompanied with such false information in Brazil. He noted how prevalent fake news are in the country. In 2016, false information in the media outperformed and the government began to punish those who promote fake news in social platforms. However, it is impossible to eliminate the presence of fake news in Brazil because of the difficulty tracking the source providers. Moreover, fakes news is delivered and spread out through private messages such as What’s App and Facebook, which even make harder to eliminate fake news. For Jack, police officers and the power focused on law enforcements were interesting. Compared to United States, race and political issues were more dealt in fake news.

Maria’s Presentation: Queermuseu Post
Maria’s presentation discussed an art exhibited hosted at a cultural center in Brazil. The exhibit addressed various issues of gender and sexual diversity. However, the exhibit misrepresented religion in various ways which later developed into a conflict. Consequently, the Santander Bank (sponsored the exhibit) publicly apologized for their misconduct and exhibit was shut down. Maria mentioned a funding opportunity held in New York for re-opening the exhibit, however, the art show remained closed. Maria noted how religion ties with presidents in Brazil, the impact of celebrities, and the issue of gender and sexuality in Brazil.

Wikipedia Instructions:
1) Citation is important – Overcite!
2) Cite manually if there is an error

Credible Sources:
(*Check for abstracts in searching scholarly sources)
1) EBSCO Host (Academic Search Complete):
2) Wooster Library Online Database:
4) Google Scholar:

Small Group:
1) Outline of Wikipedia Page
2) Searching for possible sources
3) Allowed erase Professor’s comments on the Wikipedia page!
She had to put information to create the page.

Potential Examination Questions:
1) What could be credible source?
2) Which information should you cite in Wikipedia?
3) What are the impacts popular social figures in Brazil such as celebrities and politicians can produce across race, gender, and religion?
4) Does Fake News in Brazil plays an important role or serve as a key component in the powerful Brazilian economy?