Review of “Afro Brazillians”

I think that the article got off to a good start. The language and tone mostly remained neutral throughout the whole piece. The majority of the subheading and topics fed back into the main title. However, there were a lot of issues with the article, which is evident from the “talk” section of the page.

The talk section of the article has multiple debates about not only what is, and what isn’t a personal opinion, but also about the some of the (suspicious) sources that were used. Most of the sources that were called into question were the ones concerning the charts, tables, and other analytical data. Additionally, I noticed that there not a lot of books used in the author’s footnotes, and any books they do use have been marked “vague”. This is a signal to me that this page needs work, despite that it looks like a solid page

Lastly, in the “Conception of Black and prejudice” section, while information reinforcing how race is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, the source links are either not working as they should, or are not reliable, which is also on the author. I think the best way to fix some the crucial issues in this article is to find some books on the subject from academic authors.