Indigenous Peoples of Brazil Critique

The article “Indigenous Peoples of Brazil” is what appears to be an in depth article with lots of information including specific dates and facts. While the article holds lots of information it was clear that whoever wrote the article made sure to keep her opinions out of it. While this is standard for wikipedia for this to happen I do feel as if the article was slightly harder to read because of this. I thought that all of the article was on topic and did go with the headline of “Indigenous Peoples of Brazil.” While the article was on topic I do feel as if the writer could have had more information on some of the subjects.

While this article did have a ton of facts and pieces there needs to be a better job on citations. There were clear instances in the article where more citations were needed. There were several instances where this occurred including the entire rubber section. While we could have used more information on this section instead we are left with a short paragraph and no citations. Not only was the rubber section inadequate but much of the article was cited poorly. When you click on several of the links they lead to articles that don’t exist or are clearly not a reputable source. The talk section on this article is also filled with people saying that there is poor citations as well as information that is wrong.

While this article lacked information in some spots as well as poor citations, this article had lots of information in some spots as well as facts that would keep in engaged. While I did mention that at times this was hard to read I thought that the majority of it was interesting as well as educational. Other articles that we have read make it more interesting as there is a stance taken. That being said it is not wikipedias job to develop a take but more so to deliver information to the general public. This article needs more citations and more information but I thought that the majority of the article did a okay job.