Religion in Brazil Wikipedia Critique

For the Wikipedia Article called “Religion in Brazil,” I noticed that there is a lot of problems with citations. An instance of this occurring would be the sections about minority religions present in Brazil. I recall from the Wikipedia training session I did during the Colonial Latin America class, that you need to cite all information you put into Wikipedia. In the sections of minority religions, they are providing numbers and events without any type of source to back those claims. The language used in the Buddhism category is not straight to the point. The person who wrote this stated that it was “probably the largest of all minority religions”. It is either the largest or not the largest. That is only one example so far of encountering that.

Otherwise, aside from not citing everything, the table at the bottom of the page seems to me that it’s trying to give people in Brazil religious groups. I understand the importance of this, but it seems to be incredibly number heavy and it is from the year 2000. So the numbers could have changed since 18 years have gone by. The Talk Page of the article was quite short but I feel that they had improved the article from its original state.

Besides me hyper critiquing the article, I did find it interesting that there is a large number of minority religions. Some of which I never heard of such as the Baha’i Faith. The Afro-Brazilian polytheistic religions also have names and some even have their own Wikipedia pages. Which got me reading other Wikipedia articles about them and learning something that I did not know before.